Starptautiskā Kafijas diena: Coffee and film screening in Rīga on #InternationalCoffeeDay


Saturday 1 October 2016


Dzirnavu iela 84 k-2
Rīga, Latvia

Event Details

Open your eyes to new topics in coffee – from history to water, Geisha cupping and “The Coffee Man” movie!

This year is the second year we organise an event for the International Coffee Day, and we’re taking the next level. The event will take place in “Birojnīca”, where we will have 4 speakers to speak about the origin of coffee, the newest technologies in coffee machines, water chemistry and SCAE Latvia’s plans.

Afterwards, we will have representatives from SCAE HQ to join us in this event, present SCAE HQ and display the movie “The Coffee Man”, which we will enjoy along with drinks and snacks!

About SCAE Latvia
SCAE Latvia is the newfound organisation which shares SCAE’s targets and displays them in Latvia. Last year we organised our first official Barista Championship which we will expand this year to Barista, Brewers and Cup Tasting.

Besides championships, we organise educational events and put an emphasis on coffee education in Latvia, as well as uniting all Latvia’s Baristas under the same flag.

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