No more buffering: A celebration of International Coffee Day in Indonesia


Saturday 1 October 2016


Mall of Semarang Town Square (SETOS MALL) Jl. Gajah Mada
Semarang, Central Java

Event Details

A celebration of International Coffee Day in Indonesia

It is an event to celebrate coffee as a special beverage. International Coffee Day in Indonesia will take place in Semarang on October 1st 2016.

The schedule isĀ as follows:

  • 16 – 27 September 2016. Insta photo & video contest
  • 28-29 September 2016. Workshop Entrepreneurship, all about coffee
  • 1st October 2016. It’s a Coffee Day. A celebration of International Coffee Day

Taman Delta Indonesia will host the event and supported by The Indonesian Government through some ministries such as Kementerian Perindustrian, Kementrian Perdagangan, Kementrian Luar Negeri, Kementrian Pertanian, Badan Ekonomi Kreatif, Pemerintah Provinsi Jawa Tengah, Pemerintah Kota Semarang.

Also several coffee association and sponsors, such as: AKI, AEKI, AKSI, AKLI, GAEKI, SCOPI, TDI, E-Coffee, RnB dine and caffe, Viva Barista, Filosofi kopi, Kopikini, Ponds men, Semarang Barista Society, and mass media.

About PT. Taman Delta

PT. Taman Delta Indonesia is engaged in a comprehensive coffee business including coffee processing from private estate, coffee beans marketing, and exporting

What we do:

Coffee purchasing from farmers, local suppliers, government and private estate.
Coffee processing for International market
Coffee processing for Domestic market
Coffee trading for International & Domestic market.
Sustainable Coffee

PT. Taman Delta Indonesia is supporting for sustainable coffee program. On 16th November, we officially got the license to sell 4C compliant coffee and UTZ certified coffee on February 28, 2013.