Let's flip the script on International Coffee Day


29 September to 1 October 2018


Event Details

“Let’s flip the script on International Coffee Day”

September 29 is officially recognized as National Coffee Day in the USA and October 1 is International Coffee Day globally. Coffee Kids invites shops, roasters, and other coffee businesses to join us as we flip the script on National Coffee Day from a day of freebies, deals, and coupons, to a day that honors the farmers behind the cup. Last year we partnered with 20+ partners in cities big and small to raise over $15,000 USD for Coffee Kids programs that empower young coffee farmers. Together, you can help us reach our goal of doubling that amount this year! Coffee Kids believes that coffee farmers can change the world. Celebrating a Coffee Day is a coffee shop or business’ opportunity to give back to the farmers who bring us our daily cup. For businesses, it’s a way to demonstrate to customers that they care about fairness, the environment, and future generations– all problems that can be solved with coffee! There are a number of ways to harness the power of community from hosting a fundraiser or dedicating a portion of proceeds of sales on your local Coffee Day, coffee shops are the perfect space to raise awareness and support for Coffee Kids! Coffee lovers can get involved too by hosting a fundraiser on Facebook for Coffee Kids or donating the equivalent to a day’s, week’s, or month’s worth of coffee. Download the toolkit here:


Coffee Kids uses entrepreneurship training, mentorship, and seed capital to help young farmers see themselves as entrepreneurs, develop the skills to launch their own businesses, and connect to the global coffee industry. Coffee Kids is a program of Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung North America.