Join Uppsala's specialty coffee providers in support of WaterAid on #InternationalCoffeeDay


Saturday 1 October 2016
10:00am to 8:00pm


(see list of participating roasters and shops below)

Event Details

Join Uppsala’s specialty coffee providers in an all day cupping event in support of WaterAid!

A group of Uppsala’s microroasteries and coffee stores are presenting an event which highlights specialty coffee!

The goal is to focus on specialty coffee in general, Uppsala’s specialty coffee providers in particular and to raise funds for WaterAid, an organization that works to change people’s lives by improving access to clean water, better hygiene and sanitation in the poorest societies in the world.

We will hold public cuppings every 30 minutes, rotating among four specialty coffeeshops – each paired with a local roaster. We also expect random tastings to break out in between the official cuppings …

While formal cupping events may cost each participant SEK200 – SEK300, the day’s cuppings will be free. We will instead suggest that a donation is made to the Swedish chapter of WaterAid.

The day will end with a cupping competition where novice and pro alike are welcomed!

Participating in the event are:


Coffee shops: