Join the Iranian Barista Guild on 1 October #InternationalCoffeeDay


Saturday 1 October 2016
5:00pm to 9:00pm


Garden House Cafe Restaurant, KHosroshahi Garden Jamaran Ave., Niyavaran
Tehran, Tehran 1333644414

Event Details

Challenge in the world of Coffee

This is an event organised by IBG (Iranian Barista Guild) – the WCE representitive in Iran, in association with IranFBA (Iran Food and Beverage Association) to first of all celebrate the international coffee day along with coffee lovers from all over the country. In this event, we have planned some exciting and unique competition for baristas as well as cooks and pastry chefs.

The first challenging is the LatteArt challenge and the winner will be awarded a free ticket to Italy in order to participate in the LatteArt course in RIVER academy in Italy. The challenge will be judged by outstanding masters from Italy following with a “questions and answer” session. In this session, we also share the latest changes in rules and regulations for the International competitions such as Barista, LatteArt, Roast, and so on.

Next, we have the Restaurant Plated Sweets (cold displayed) competition with a valuable prize for the winner.

In the following, we’ll explain the future plans for the IranFBA (Iran Food and Beverage Association), so that the members become aware of the advantages and the opportunities available for them.
Finally, we enjoy the speech of Mr. Ali Ghanbari the founder of Iranian Barista Guild who has been always a helping hand in tough days.

After meeting Ali Ghambari (the owner of Cherry Street Coffee House chain in America) and his daughter, Leila Ghambari the Member of the Executive Committee of association, we decided to build the Iranian Barista Guild with their cooperation and sympathy. our goal became more achievable, and with their guidance, help and support we became even more determined to follow the path.

We are completely an independent organization with non-political attitudes, our goal is to introduce lranian baristas and to make our community international. We believe that we certainly have taken a huge leap in honoring our homeland and make our people proud. We’re also keen to promote the coffee culture among coffee lovers, and to educate them to broaden their knowledge and as a result, introduce Iranian baristas to the whole world as well as helping them to participate in international championships. We have a lot of potential in our country, and numerous talented baristas who can rock in many fields with just a little help and support.

We believe in our abilities, and do our best to reach our goals, so that we keep going forward and transfer our knowledge to the next generations.