Empower the next generation of coffee


Sunday 1 October 2017
to Tuesday 31 October 2017


Event Details

“Empower the next generation of coffee – Be the first to visit a new website dedicated to coffee sustainability”

From Girl Scouts to your everyday coffee lovers, people from all walks of life can empower the next generation of coffee farmers. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #thefutureofcoffee! Download the toolkit with all the resources you need: tinyurl.com/2017icd

We believe that coffee farmers can change the world. International Coffee Day is your opportunity to give back to the farmers who bring you your daily cup. For businesses, it’s a way to give back to your supply chain and show your customers you care about fairness, the environment, and the future generations – all problems that can be solved with coffee!

Get involved from home:

– Give up your cup of coffee or some similarly beloved item for a good cause!

– Donate the money you would have used for the item to Coffee Kids, and we’ll make sure it’s put to good use.

– Use hashtag #thefutureofcoffee on October 1st to let us know about your good deed

– Sit back and enjoy your good karma

Get involved at work:

Give your group the chance to get rid of that jar of change!

– Create a loose change drop off point in your office on International Coffee Day! (We will use the proceeds to fund real change in the lives of young coffee farmers.)

– Don’t forget to use the hashtag #thefutureofcoffee on Oct 01 to let us know about your good deed

Get your coffee business/shop involved:

Small Businesses supporting the small businesses that drive coffee production! There are a number of ways to harness the power of community in your shop from hosting a fundraiser or dedicating a portion of proceeds of sales on International Coffee Day, coffee shops are the perfect space to raise awareness and support for Coffee Kids!

Download the toolkit with all the information, inspiration, and social media tools you need: tinyurl.com/2017icd


Founded in 1988, Coffee Kids was the first non-profit within the budding specialty coffee industry dedicated solely to improving coffee farmers’ quality of life. Since then, we have partnered with over 200,000 coffee-farming families in over 400 communities. Our goal is to empower young farmers and improve their livelihoods.