Donate the price of your cup to help homeless pets on #InternationalCoffeeDay


29 September to 1 October 2016

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Give Up Your Cup For Homeless Pets:
Donate the price of your cup of coffee to help homeless pets in need!

This summer, thousands of homeless mums and their newborn babies will be looking for a new family. You can help them find a lifetime of love by donating the price of a coffee today! Your kind gift will help PetRescue meet the increased demand for our vital free services and support rescue groups, shelters and pounds all over Australia in finding forever homes for mums and their bubs.

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Ten ways giving up your cup helps mums and bubs!

  1. Every mother and child has the right to be loved and cared for for life. When you make a donation to PetRescue today, your gift is funding life-saving projects in your community – projects that make it possible for all mums and bubs to find a forever home.
  2. Giving mums and bubs a free listing on You’re enabling rescue groups, pounds and shelters to list pets for adoption for free and helping pet seekers find their new best friend online.
  3. Promoting pet adoption to all: You’re supporting our continued efforts to promote pet adoption to all Australians seeking a pet through online advertising, press, radio and in-store campaigns.
  4. Food donations program: You’re helping PetRescue to coordinate regular nationwide, large scale pet food donations from MARS Petcare, distributing to PETstock stores across the country so that rescue groups and shelters can pick up free supplies from their local store and feed the mums in their care for free.
  5. Finding more foster homes for mums and bubs: You’re supporting our foster campaigns and community events to encourage individuals and workplaces to consider pet fostering, enabling rescue groups to save even more lives.
  6. Supporting adoption events: Your gift puts homeless pets into the hearts and minds of the community by bringing pets out of the pounds, shelters and foster homes for a friendly meet-and-greet in pet stores nationwide.
  7. Giving mums and bubs a free profile makeover: You’re giving pets that need an extra helping hand a better chance of finding a forever home by supporting our profile makeover service – offering a free photoshoot and/or profile rewrite.
  8. Offering interstate rehoming: You’re helping PetRescue and Jetpets to arrange free interstate flights for three homeless pets every month, ensuring distance is no barrier to adoption and happiness.
  9. Helping all pets survive the pound system: You’re supporting our Safe & Sound Pound Program that promotes direct-from-pound adoption and best practice in animal care to help Australia work towards a no-kill future.
  10. Giving free advice to help all pets: You’re helping us to provide more free resources to pounds, shelters, rescue groups, foster carers and pet seekers that ultimately saves lives and keeps pets happy in their homes.

About PetRescue
PetRescue is a national animal welfare charity providing vital free support services to 950+ rescue groups, shelters and pounds nationwide and saving more than 7,000 rescue pets every month.