Cupping and Brewing Together: Celebrate #InternationalCoffeeDay in Lampung on 1 October


Saturday 1 October 2016
4:00pm to 5:30pm


Let Jen Ryacudu Street Number 48, Way Dadi, Sukarame
Bandar Lampung, Lampung 35131

Event Details

Share your coffee tasting knowledge and learn more about manual brewing methods

A public event with limited quotas. Inviting beloved customers who curios regarding the coffee flavor. As a steps to give more impact to going on the third coffee wave. The event will be start at 4 PM till 5.30 PM.
The event will organized with our team, with very relax and friendly conversation. Our team will start with the story behind the cups, like processing way, the altitude of origin, and characteristic regarding the coffee that we will cupping and brewing. Will use 2 of North Sumatra Origin, Karo and Sipirok.

After share the story regarding the story behind the cups, all of audience will cupping those coffee (with the direction from our team). Every audience will get a form of coffee tasting notes with simple radar chart. The form will make them easier to give subjective score for the coffee that they tasted. After that we will discuss it to get at least the same perception how the taste looks like.

with the following result from cupping, our team invited the audiences to brewing the coffee with manual brewing method, and share the tips and trick to maintain the good flavor and decrease the bad one.
And the can give the score from the coffee that they brewed as well.

About Keiko Bahabia

Keiko Bahabia is one of manual brewing coffee place was started brewing since 2011. We located at Bandar Lampung and Metro, Lampung Province, Indonesia.
We served the original coffee only from Indonesia, and for robusta coffee we only served from Lampung.