Coffee Island celebrate... - Donate and enjoy your specialty, limited edition coffee!


Monday 25 September
to Monday 2 October 2017


Parodos Vrysakiwnstr. 30
Patra, Patra 26334

Event Details

“Coffee Island celebrate… – Donate and enjoy your specialty, limited edition coffee!”

October 1st is the International Coffee Day and we are going to celebrate in the following ways:

A donation to Make a Wish Greece, one of the leading organizations fulfilling Children’s Wishes with serious and threatening illnesses. With every order placed online at, from 25/9 until 30/9, we will offer 1 € (per order) to make our little friends’ wishes come true.

There will also be a discount offer on useful items such as Coffee Island Thermos, Hario V60 dripper and Hario dripper filters. The discount will apply for a combination of the above and all of them together.
Furthermore, Ethiopia Lomi Tasha Coffee of our Microfarm Project (R) which is available in our stores at this period of time, will be given at the same price as our Coffee Island espresso, that is our regular blend, for all espresso-based drinks. So with this better price we will give our customers the opportunity to taste a unique, specialty coffee, which is a limited edition with a distinctive flavor profile. In this way, we increase the product’s awareness and thus create the consumer’s need for Microfarm, resulting in increased consumption and therefore an average daily proof.

Finally, at Coffee Island store in Gazi, on Tuesday 26/9, on Wednesday 27/9 and on Thursday 28/9 for 3 hours / day (17:00 – 20:00), will be held home barista courses for filtered coffee, Greek coffee and espresso with the various extraction methods. The courses will be conducted by a professional instructor from the Barista School of the company.