Celebrate #InternationalCoffeeDay on 1 October at Coffee Island stores throughout Greece


Saturday 1 October 2016


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Event Details

We celebrate International Coffee Day in 3 different ways with our #coffeelovers!

Coffee Island will celebrate in 3 different ways the International Coffee Day. Firstly, in all coffee shops in Greece the coffee lovers will be tasting a single espresso of the new specialty, limited edition coffee El Salvador Pacamara Natural from the MicroFarm Project, that was launched in the Greek market on Tuesday 20/9.

Secondly, only in 17 stores in Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras and Kalamata there will be Promoters from 10:00 until 14:00, who will inform people about the tasting made in our stores due to the International Coffee Day (we are truly celebrating the International coffee Day) and will encourage them to buy one package of Pacamara and win as a gift a premium cup with saucer from Coffee Island.

Furthermore, on 1st October there will be an online competition via Facebook App for Greece. The users should give only a few details like their First Name, Last Name, Mobile number, email address and answer one question correctly in order to enter the draw for gifts. Day of the draw: 3/10
There will be only one question for each player and he can only answer once. The question will be simple and will be associated with the company and its products.
The winners of the draw will be 10. Each winner will win a Gift Box, which includes: 1 Keep Cup, 1 cup black enameled, 1package Pacamara and 1 kg coffee of their choice.

About Coffee Island
Coffee Island is a Specialty 3rd wave brand with over 330 franchise stores. Starting from a traditional coffee shop in 1999, Coffee Island now in 2016 combines a 360ο experience in its coffee shops. From the espresso bar and our Know-How, the coffee grindery and the aroma of specialty and single origin coffees, the barista station and the coffee expertise to the lounge area and the taste of our specialty, freshly grounded coffee, led us to the first position in consumer preferences in Greece. We share a holistic coffee experience with our customers, guiding them throughout the entire journey, from the initial sourcing and selection, to the artisan roasting process, and the final coffee grinding, brewing and enjoyment that they directly experience. Speaking the “coffee – language”, we want them to experience what we call “From the Bean to cup” adventure. We at Coffee Island -driven by knowledge, love and passion for coffee are constantly looking for new, high quality products – like MicroFarm Project (specialty, limited edition coffees through Direct Trade) – that we will offer to our daily consumers through our network. We work with love and devotion every day in order to offer α unique specialty cup of coffee to as many coffee lovers as we can. Our vision is to get established as International leaders and Innovators in Artisan Coffee Roasting and retailing. More information for us, you can find here: