Celebrate International Coffee Day with traditional Bosnian coffee and one on the house


Saturday 1 October 2016
12:00am to 4:00pm


Rade Bitange bb
Mostar 88000
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Event Details

Café de Alma is a small coffee roasting shop located in Mostar. We opened last year and we want to participate in the great event as International Coffee Day. As a part of our participation in this event we will offer a free coffee tasting as well as open discussion about how coffee was brought in by Ottoman empire to Europe and the local variations of coffee that grew from Turkish coffee to Bosnian coffee.

Café de Alma is a small coffee shop that provides insight into the tradition of Bosnian coffee. Although, it is very similar to Turkish coffee and it is brewed in the same manner, there are certain differences in the brewing process that we can safely say that Bosnian coffee does exist. The shop is a second generation of people working in the coffee industry and the roaster used in the shop is 25 years in the family. We roast, grind, pack, store, sell, explain and drink coffee. If you are ever in Mostar, make sure you pay us a visit.

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