A cup for women in coffee on International Coffee Day


Saturday 1 October 2016



Store Kongensgade 32
Copenhagen, K 1264

Event Details

On 1 October, International Coffee Day, all income from coffee sales will be donated to International Women’s Coffee Alliance

Forloren Espresso will donate all income from coffee drinks sold on October 1 to International Women’s Coffee Alliance. The menu will be adapted to the day and will only contain coffee drinks, including cascara infusion.

On a daily basis we celebrate the amazing diversity of speciality coffee and focus on it’s delicious properties. We pay a premium for our coffee to ensure there is room for quality and local sustainability at the origin, however. on Oct. 1 we’d like to acknowledge that there are areas of the coffee industry in need of support beyond just buying quality coffee at a fair price.

About Forloren Espresso

Forloren Espresso is a small Speciality Coffee Shop in the very center of Copenhagen. The shop was established in 2014. You can read more on our website